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Alan Barattolo

Founder & CEO

Arcas Sagl

Arzo (TI) / Switzerland

"We transform our passion for systematic and quantitative models into returns for our clients."


Please tell us briefly about yourself and your business.

My name is Alan Barattolo and I am the founder and owner of Arcas. We are based in Ticino, Switzerland. We are specialists in the management of third parties money, through mandates and tailor made financial instruments. Further we are financial consultants and offer administration services and act intermediary on properties.

I started my career in 2008 at Credit Suisse and worked in Chiasso and in Zurich. After 8 years of great experiences in Privat Banking and Wealth Management, I decided to return to my roots in Ticino and founded my own company Arcas.

In the beginning I was active in the traditional Wealth Management, mainly for family offices in Switzerland and Italy. Then, in 2017, I met my current business partner, who is running an online broker. This is when we started to implement inhouse strategies into bankable AMCs for our own clients and white labelling solutions for third parties.

This new setup of an AMC combined with our preferred broker makes it very handy for us to implement our strategies. We can just plugin our adjusted models with the AMCs like for our client mandates.

In essence, we transform our passion for systematic and quantitative models into returns for our clients and by eliminating any human emotions we can make the difference and work very efficient.

Why did you choose a securitized format? What has influenced your product choice?

The market has changed a lot over the past decade and I wished to have had such flexibility in the product design earlier. I have learned deeply about the new possibilities when I met Vincent Gessler for the first time. Today, with Gessler Capital we now have a valuable partner on our side and are adequately supported with a tailor-made formats.

Currently we use Guernsey solutions with a Swiss paying agent and ISIN’s for our Forex Strategies, as this specific format allows you to start with smaller amounts like CHF 1mio, opposite to any other options out there.

AMC’s have seen a strong interest over the last years. They have become very flexible, cost efficient and can be run by asset managers under supervision equivalent to a SRO in Switzerland.

What are your next goals or milestones?

In the coming years I would like to establish Arcas further, by offering tailor-made and systematically managed portfolios for third parties and possibly extend our models to index futures. Our primary focus is the Italian speaking part of Switzerland.

Further we have an expertise in tax planning; especially for family offices. We already have a strong client base built on mutual trust and understanding. People can rely on our market and financial know-how.

Arcas is the simple answer to many clients, looking for high quality, attention and mutual respect. This is what makes Arcas.

Many thanks for the interview. I wish you much success with Arcas Sagl!

(Interview by S.K.)


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