New Strategic Cooperation Enables Access To Swiss And Liechtenstein Fund Solutions For ‘Gessler Capital’ Clientele

2 February 2021 (Zurich, Switzerland)Gessler Capital GmbH, a one-stop-shop for the securitization of alternative investments, today announces that the firm has expanded its range of fund offerings as the result of new cooperations with duly authorised fund management companies in Switzerland and in Liechtenstein. The two new investment formats available for Gessler Capital clientele include regulated investment funds for traditional and alternative assets.

“Thanks to our new cooperations, our team at Gessler Capital are pleased to provide our clients with extended fund offerings from new jurisdictions,” said Vincent Gessler, Founder & CEO of Gessler Capital. “We look forward to serving new and existing international clients, including asset managers, investment, venture capital, private equity companies, family offices, and more, to tailor investment strategies to meet their needs in 2021 and beyond.”

The FINMA regulated investment fund offered by Gessler Capital is surprisingly low-cost and is designed for long-only and unleveraged investment strategies. It is further eligible for distribution to retail clients within Switzerland. The second new investment offering is the Liechtenstein Alternative Investment Fund (AIF) which is very similar to the Luxembourg RAIF. While the Liechtenstein format is less popular than the Luxembourg one, it represents a more flexible option and offers the same facilities from an equally AAA-rated jurisdiction. The AIF format can be distributed to professional investors across Europe.

Gessler Capital GmbH was founded in 2019 by Vincent Gessler with the aim of meeting the growing demand for non-traditional, off-balance sheets and flexible securitization and fund solutions. Over the past two decades, Mr. Gessler has been a member of an investment committee, held numerous advisory positions, and has also advised external asset managers and direct clients.

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