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Get your quantitative edge now!

About Us

Beyond our securitization, fund and tokenization solutions, we are also known for our extensive expertise in financial markets. Our team consists of former portfolio and risk managers as well as traders, many of who were also members of investment committees that made decisions for bank mandates.


Over the years, we have developed various quantitative models to derive a Macro Picture from it. This technique has been rigorously developed to enable us to create real added value and differentiate us from others.

Our Audience

We primarily serve family offices, wealth, and asset managers as an external centre of excellence. These stakeholders use our expertise as a trusted second opinion for strategic decisions.

Whether you share our conclusion or take a different view, we offer a completely independent market opinion.

Your Benefit

Due to regulatory changes in recent years, access to research is no longer cross-financed by brokerage fees. As a result, many banks and independent asset managers have less access to this type of expertise.

We can offer weekly or monthly research updates and depending on your interest, you can either get a broad overview of the financial markets or a more detailed breakdown. Our services can be tailored to your needs on demand.

We are also a technology provider and can offer modular index solutions (coming soon).

As we continue to expand and improve our work, you will directly benefit from this progressive and exclusive service.

Global Macro "Basic"

Global Macro "Light"

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Free audio on our weekly "light" report (quarterly updated)

Via the weekly allocation changes, a macro snapshot can be obtained, which are invaluable for grasping trends on the financial markets. This technique has been refined to the point that we can create real added value for professionals.

A much more detailed analysis can be obtained through subscription.

For more information, please download the fact sheet above or contact our founder and CEO Vincent Gessler at

Subscribe now!

This service is dedicated for professional investors only.

  • Global Macro "Light"

    Every month
    A simplified overview for a strategic interpretation.
    • Weekly updates by email.
  • Global Macro "Basic"

    Every month
    A more detailed breakdown based on our raw models for a strategic interpretation.
    • Weekly updates by email.
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